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The motherboard may be the most important part of your computer, to which all other components and peripherals connect.  A properly chosen motherboard is the foundation of a good computer system.

Graphics Cards

The right graphics card can make a world of difference, not only in gaming performance but also in photo, video, and graphics editing tasks.

Not all graphics cards are the same and should be carefully chosen to fit the task.  For example, a great gaming card may be a poor graphics design card.

Power Supply

Factory made computers and laptops are already paired with the appropriate power supply.  Customized or upgraded computers often require a power supply matched to the system components.

A good technician will help you make the right choice.


The CPU is the brain of the computer.  The faster the CPU the better your system will perform.  It is critically important to match the right CPU to the right motherboard.

Cooling Fans

Maintain your system's cool with a proper cooling system.  Standard fans are fine but high performance tasks such as gaming, photo or video editing can cause a computer to run dangerously hot.

A good cooling system will be quiet and efficient with some systems requiring liquid cooling solutions.


Holding it all together is your computer case (or chassis).  A good chassis selection can make a huge difference in system efficiency, noise levels, expandability, and overall appearance.


Don't forget your memory.  Increasing your RAM can reap huge benefits in terms of system performance.  It is important to carefully match the right type of RAM with your motherboard.

Hard Drives

Your computer's storage system, hard drives and/or solid-state drives come in a bewildering array of form factors, drive types, capacities, speeds, and interfaces.

These days more than ever, professional guidance is a must in selecting the right storage solution.

Input Devices

Beyond standard keyboards and mice, we offer a wide array of input devices, including:

  • Ergonomic keyboard & mice

  • Specialty accessibility devices

  • Pens & drawing tools

  • Joysticks

  • Voice control

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