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Hard drive replacements, memory upgrades, graphic card upgrades, power supply upgrades and much more.


Including board level repair such as power post repairs.

We carry all major brands.  As we carry thousands of parts, please call us for availability.

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Custom PC and gaming computer specialists.


How do I know if my Hard Drive needs to be replaced?

If your hard drive is showing any signs of wear or failure, it must be replaced or complete data loss may occur. Hard drive wear and bad sectors can show up as a slow computer, blue screens, error codes, or any irregular behaviour. Physical failure may present itself through sounds such as clicking, humming, vibrating, or whirring. The other factor in deciding if a hard drive should be replaced is age. It is recommended that hard disk drives be replaced within the 3-5 year mark, like changing the oil on your car, to maintain the longevity of your computer and ensure your data remains safe and intact. Finally, spinning hard disk drives (HDDs) can be replaced with new solid state drives (SSDs) to give your machine up to a 10x boost in speed and better inherent reliability. SSDs access data at a much faster rate, and with no moving parts.

How do I know what graphics card I need?

When choosing a graphics card there are a few questions to keep in mind; 1. What is your budget? Graphics cards can be the most expensive component in a computer. Under-buying can be a regretable decision in the furture. Your current and potential future needs will be assessed and the right graphics card will be matched to you. 2. What do you want to do with it? Are you gaming? Are you running applications such as CAD, rendering applications, photo or video editing? Most applications don't require today's high end graphics cards, as the onboard graphics is usually suitable. 3. What monitor will you be using? The benefits of graphics cards aren't noticable on a 1080p monitor like they are on a higher resolution (1440p/4k) monitor. High refresh rates on the monitor will allow for smoother frame rates on the graphics card.

What kind of hardware does Concept Computers carry?

Concept Computers carries all makes and models of hardware. If the component isn't in stock at our retail store, 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver, we order from our warehouse for next day delivery.

How much memory can I add?

Memory requirements are based on specific requirements of programs that you are running or how you are using your computer. Manufactures will offer minimum requirements for programs and your needs will be assessed (streaming, gaming, multitasking, designing, photography, etc) to determine how much memory would be suitable. Your current hardware will also be examined to ensure your computer can handle your memory requirements.