Crashed computer?  Damaged hard drive?

At Concept Computers we are data recovery specialists, offering the latest in technology and expertise, with in-store services utilizing our specialized equipment and industry leading techniques. 


If you suspect your data may be compromised; you are hearing clicks, have vibrations, or no power at all to your hard drive, do not continue to attempt to power on your drive.  This can cause further damage and render data recovery more critical.  Please call 604-986-7680 or bring your computer to our tech center at 1257 Marine Drive, North Vancouver.

Hard Drive Data Recovey

Data Recovery FAQs

What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is a process of salvaging/restoring inaccessible, lost, corrupted, deleted, damaged or formatted data from internal storage devices, removable media or files, when the data stored cannot be accessed in a normal way. Restoring data can vary from in-house recovery using specialized equipment and a trained data recovery technician to specialized clean room labs. If you are unable to access the data on your drive, turn it off and bring it in to a data recovery specialist right away. You can continue to damage the drive in repeated attempts to turn it on.

My drive is making noises, what does this mean?

Hard disk drives may make normal operating humming due to the mechanical nature of standard spinning hard disk drives. However, if your hard drive is making noticable noises such as clicking, beeping, whirring, buzzing, grinding, etc this can mean that the hard drive may be failing. Though the drive may still be readable and functioning, noises can indicate that the drive is unhealthy and a full failure and loss of data is very possible.

I'm concerned about privacy, is my data safe with Concept Computers?

Yes. Concept Computers has been a trusted family run business since 1984. Customer privacy and data security is our number one priority.

How long does data recovery take?

Data recovery times can vary greatly depending on the type and severity of damage to the drive as well as the amount of data to be recovered. Simple data recovery that takes place in-house can be completed in as little as one day, but most recovery jobs average 5 days. Severely damaged drives that require specialized lab recovery averages 2 weeks. If a hard drive requires donor parts for the recovery to be completed, then wait times are dependant on availablility of donor parts. What are donor parts? Sometimes a drive requires parts from a healthy hard drive to be transplanted into the damaged hard drive in order to start the recovery process. These parts however may need to come from another hard drive made in the same manufacturing run as the original hard drive. This can cause long delays while waiting for the right part to become available. Emergency and priority services are available at Concept Computers.

What is a clean room?

Clean room data recovery A clean room is a work area, or lab, with controlled temperature and humidity and a continuous influx of clean, dust-free air. Commonly the walls and ceilings are covered and the lighting is external. Opening a hard drive cover can lead to scratched/damaged platters and broken heads. After a drive is opened contaminates can settle on the platters, causing the heads to catch on foreign particles, resulting in permanent data loss. Typically hard drives with physical damage require opening to repair or replace damaged parts.

Does my data recovery happen at Concept Computers?

Concept Computers technicians are data recovery specialist. Most recovery can take place at Concept Computers using our specialized equipment. However, some types of recovery, especially drives with physical damage, require lab recovery. We are associated with the most sophisticated recovery labs in the industry.