Data Transfer Services Offered:

  • Old-to-New PC transfer

  • PC-to-Mac or Mac-to-PC transfer

  • Backup/external hard drive setup

  • Hard drive imaging

Data Transfer FAQs

How quickly can I sell my house?

We aim to sell your house as quickly as possible, but the time-scale can differ depending on your circumstances. The minimum time we can complete a house purchase is 2 weeks, but you should plan on 3-4 weeks unless you specify a shorter timeframe, which may impact on our offer price.

How quickly will I be paid?

As soon as the purchase is completed the money will drop in your account.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees or charges, we take care of the lot.

Will I need a solicitor?

A solicitor is legally required but we have that covered for you too. *If you use your solicitor then you will be responsible for there charges. this may impact on the timescale to get the property sold.