Data Transfer Services Offered:

  • Old-to-New PC transfer

  • PC-to-Mac or Mac-to-PC transfer

  • Backup/external hard drive setup

  • Hard drive imaging

Data Transfer FAQs

How long does it take to transfer my data?

Data transfer times are dependent on two things: 1. The amount of data on the drive. The more data on a drive, the longer it takes. Data transfers times for a healthy drive normally take approximately 1 minute per gigabyte. Some file types can take longer than average, so it is important to remember this is just an average. 2. The condition of the drive. A hard drive that is old, failing, sluggish, wearing down, or is struggling in any way can be unpredictable regarding transfer times. Estimates for drives showing any signs of wear are very hard to estimate.

How much does transfering my data cost?

The cost of data transfer will vary depending on a few things: 1. How much data is being transfered? Data transfer is typically costed out at a per gigabyte and length of data transfer time. A larger amount of data will require longer bench time. 2. What is the health status of the hard drive? A drive that is failing, running slow, showing signs of wear, etc. will take long for the data to move accross and usually require greater manual attention by the computer technician. The longer the transfer takes, the more expensive it will be. This means that even a smaller amount of data could cost more if it takes longer for the data to be moved to a healthy drive.

Can I do my own data transfer?

If you have to ask, then you already know the answer. Depending on what type of storage device the data is coming from or to, special equipment and adapters may be required to properly complete the transfer. It can be very easy to miss data that is hidden or not in a standardized location and mishandling of one's data can result in complete loss. Unless you are fully confident in your ability to fully, completely and safely transfer your data, it is always recommended to have a professional complete your data transfer. Also, software programs will need to be reinstalled, as they do not transfer over in a data transfer. Unless you have the licenses available for reinstallation, you may need a technician to extract the licenses from your old machine.