Do you ask yourself...


"What is happening to my computer?" 


"Why is my computer so slow?"


Computer disassembly

Hardware failure testing

Virus issues

Non-hardware problems

Operating system issues


Troubleshooting refers to issues that are harder to diagnose and may require investigation.  Issues that reoccur and are intermittent may require extensive troubleshooting.


How much does a diagnostics cost?

Diagnostics cost between $45 and $95, depending on the time. If you go ahead with the reccomended work, you just pay for the cost of repair. Troubleshooting is billed on an hourly basis as it requires time to investigate and troubleshoot the issue.

How long will it take to diagnose my computer?

Diagnostics start at approximately 1/2 hour and go up from there. Some issues are easily diagnosed, but others require hardware disassembly, more indepth testing, or troubleshooting to accurately diagnose the issue.

What is the difference between computer diagnostics and troubleshooting?

Computer diagnostics often refer to determining a problem with a computer that, to a trained technician, can be identified within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 hours). These problems include hardware failures, beep codes, virus activity, and more. Computer troubleshooting can be a much lengthier process usually when a problem is intermittent, unusal, occurs in uncommon software, or is reoccuring after typical fixes are applied. Research is often required and reaching out to external resources may also be needed. Concept Computers prides itself on solving even the most difficult of problems, with our 36+ years in the industry.