IT Support

IT support for business includes the support of computer networks, computer systems, software and technical problems.

On-going support plans are available.  Please call 604-986-7680 for more information.

Support is offered for both small and large businesses, home offices and personal use.

Network Attached Storage NAS


Also known as network attached storage, or NAS.  NAS devices are a file-based computer data storage server connected to a computer network providing data access to multiple people in a home or business.  NAS devices offer central storage of your files to allow flawless collaboration of documents without creating multpile copies.

One of our favorite NAS devices is the Drobo unit.  Check it out in our showroom or call us to find out more!

Application Solutions


Business software (or a business application) or a computer appliance (computer with software or firmware to provide a specific computing resource) are used to perform various business functions.  These applications are used to increase productivity, solve business functions and improve efficiency.

Many of these applications include:

Accounting software, office suites, CRM/HRM applications, servers, and POS systems