Laptop Screen Replacement Services

  • PC Screen Replacement

  • Macbook screen replacement (model dependent)

  • Disassembly/Assembly

  • Cable replacement

Laptop Battery Replacement

Need a new battery?  Please call 604-986-7680 with your laptop model number.  We will let you know the availability of the battery and cost of replacement.


How long does it take to replace my laptop screen?

Screen replacement times vary depending on the availablilty of the replacement screen. Most screens are available in 24-48 hours and require only an hour on the repair bench. Some screens however are much more complex and may require further part replacement and disassembley/re-assembly time.

Can all laptop screens be replaced?

As computers get smaller, it is becoming increasingly difficult to replace laptop screens. some screens are adhered to the besel with proprietary adhesives that require heat guns to remove, often resulting in the entire upper besel needing to be replaced. Planned obsolescence is another reason that is becoming increasingly difficult to replace laptop screens. Increasingly, manufacturers are making the devices un-servicable so that the consumer must replace instead of repair. Our expertly trained technicians can replace most screens, and will assess your laptop to ensure that the screen can be replaced without damage to other components such as the cables.

Does Concept Computers replace tablet or smartphone screens?

No, due to quality concerns with 3rd party tablet and smartphone screens, Concept Computers does not currently replace tablet and smartphone screens. We will however advise you on whether screen replacement or device replacement is most cost effective, and offer you a recommendations for mobile device screen replacement. Please call us at 604-986-7680 for further information.

How much does it cost to replace my laptop screen?

Pricing is heavily dependent on the model type, screen availability, and degree of difficulty. Some models require the entire upper assembly be replaced. Please call or visit us for a quote, 604-986-7680.