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PC repairs include Diagnostics & Troubleshooting,  Hardware Repair/Replacement/Upgrades,  Screen Replacements, Operating System Upgrades, Virus Removal/Repair, Tutoring, Old PC to New PC Migration, PC to Mac & Mac to PC Migration, Warranty Repairs, Battery Replacement and more.

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Keeping your Windows operating system properly updated is as critically important to your computer health as is virus protection and security.


Still running Windows XP or Windows 7/8?   Operating system updates ensure the latest security patches and driver updates are installed.

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Upgrade your memory, graphics card, hard drive and other components or replace failed parts.  Battery and AC Adapter replacement.



Data Migration (reformat your data to the new system), software transfer, new system tutorial, anti-virus installation, data backup setup.

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How long does it take to repair my PC?

At Concept Computers we strive to offer fast turn around, often within 24-48 hours. Same day and emergency services are available. After assessing your computer, our technicians will be able to offer an accurate completion time estimate. Concept Computers operates on a first-come first-served basis, unless emergency/same day services are requested.

What about my data and privacy?

With 36 years experience, preservation of your data and customer privacy is our number one priority.

When should I replace my PC?

At Concept Computers we are concious of electronic waste. We will assess your current computer and let you know if your computer can be repaired or upgraded by replacing the hard drive, adding memory, updating the operating system etc. or if replacement is the better option. The condition, age, and specs/quality of the machine will help to determine whether your computer should be replaced or repaired. Typically, computers can start to be eligable for replacement within the 3-5 year age range.

How much memory can I put in my computer?

Every computer is going to have its own limits based on the type of motherboard and how many slots are available. A technician will open up your computer and assess the maximum allowance for memory for your specific machine. Also, memory must be an exact match in terms of type and speed, and is recommended to use a consistent brand accross your memory chips.

I like Windows 7, I've heard Windows 10 isn't very good. Can I stay with Windows 7?

It is not recommended to stay with an operating system once support for that operating system has stopped. Update and security patches are no longer issued for older operating systems, leaving it vulnerable to hackers and other security threats. Windows 10, properly setup and configured is a very nice and easy to use operating system. Most opinions on Windows 10 are ill-informed and inaccurate and are mostly hear-say rumours circulating on the internet.

I don't game, do I still need a graphics card?

Most applications and daily use don't require an upgraded graphics card. Certain software such as CAD, rendering applications, photo or video editing may have graphics card requirements that should be followed for optimal performance.

What kind of graphics card do I need?

What is you budget? Graphics cards can be the most expensive part of a computer. Under-buying can be a regretable decision in the future. Your current and potential future needs will be assessed and the right graphics card will be matched to you. What do you want to do with it? Most applications don't reqire todays high end graphics cards. However, certain software may have specific requirements. For gamers, each game will have a minimum requirement to run without incident. What monitor will you be using? The benefits of most graphics cards aren't noticable on a 1080p monitor like they are on a higher resolution (1440p/4k) monitor. High refresh rates on the monitor will allow for smoother frame rates on the graphics card.

Is it possible to migrate data from a Mac to a PC?

Yes. You will need an experienced technician to migrate all of your data and software to your new computer, as Macs and PCs are not compatible with each other.

Which is easier to use, a Mac or a PC?

Neither, and both. However, we are of the opinion that Windows computers are easier to use. With 91% of computer users around the world using Windows-based computers, support, training and expertise is more widely available. Windows computers offer better storage and file managment choices, making it easier to find your data. They also tend to be less restrictive and have more programs available to them. Another factor worth considering is Apple's track record of "planned obsolescence," with many models nearly impossible to service or upgrade screens, hard drives, memory and batteries. Operating system updates are only released to certain models and future upgrades are impossible.