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Chromebook Pens to Eliminate AAAA Batteries

If you do any image work, graphic design or even sign a lot of documents, you know how valuable a stylus can be - and how unbelievably frustrating it is when the batteries die. AAAA batteries are not easy to come by, save via Amazon, and even then they can come at a premium price and you still have to wait until it is shipped to your house, which is not ideal when you're in the middle of a project. If you're lucky, your stylus may come with a USB charging cord, which are often clumsy and easily lost.

Thankfully, the next generation of Chromebooks will eliminate the need for those pesky batteries and charging cords by releasing a stylus that supports wireless charging (bonus: this is also great for the environment!). The charging station will either be the Chromebook's NFC pad (if included) or a magnetic docking station.

Another awesome feature of these styluses is that they have upgraded the colour pallet from 256 to over 16 million colours, which is a huge upgrade for anyone using them for graphics!

Chromebooks have always been a favourite at Concept, so we're pretty excited to see this next generation release later this year.

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