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Enabling Family Safety Features on your Windows Devices

Do you have small humans in your house? No matter what the age, chances are they have taken an interest in your computer and / or devices. Have you considered setting parental controls and do you know how?

Setting up a Microsoft account for your child is a great way to allow your littles to safely peruse the internet, download appropriate apps and even limit time spent on devices. The nice thing about the Microsoft account is that it can be used to log into various devices and the settings will be preserved. That in mind, these settings WILL NOT be preserved on other devices that do not use your child's Microsoft Account to log in (Apple devices for example - separate parental controls can be set for these devices).

To set up a child's account that automatically activates the Windows Family Safety features:

1. Click the Start button

2. Click the Settings icon (the gear)

3. Scroll down to and click "Accounts"

4. In the left-hand menu click "Family & Other Users"

5. Select "Add a family member"

6. Select the radio button "Add a child" and click the link below that says "The person I wan't to add doesn't have an email address" if they don't have one, or enter it if they do

7. If they did not have an email address already, follow the prompts to create an email address, use a phone number or use your email address instead

8. Enter in the required info (name, country, birth date)

9. Click next and your child will now appear as a family member with a "child" status that can log in (note that if you used your email address, the status may be pending until you confirm via email).

Parental controls for a child user are already set, but to double-check on your settings click the "Manage Family Settings Online" link under your listed "Family and Other Users".

1. If you are not already logged in, do so when prompted in the top right-hand corner of your screen

2. Select the child account you wish to manage

3. From there you can select "Activity" to monitor how they use their computer time, select "Screen Time" to set limits on what time of day and for how long they can use the computer, select "Content Restrictions" to regulate what apps and websites they can download or visit or select "more options" to regulate spending, locate a child if they are logged in or remove them from the family group.

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