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Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

With online shopping more popular than ever these days AND the holidays around the corner, it's important that you ensure your website is holiday-ready! We've come up with a few checklist items for your online presence.

  1. Get the technical stuff out of the way - be sure your host and package can handle the increased site traffic. If customers encounter a crashed site or a even a slow site (we're talking a page that takes more than 2 seconds to load), statistically you won't see those potential customers again. If your host or package is already at its limit, consider upgrading. It will be worth the extra pennies.

  2. Is your site secure for payment? Giving your customers (and yourself) peace of mind when it comes to giving up their payment and personal information is paramount if you want customers to trust you enough to provide you with this information. Be sure your site is secure and that you have a valid SSL certificate for taking payments.

  3. Decorate - get your customers in the holiday spirit by decorating your site! Last week we provided some great site decorating tips that are sure to get the nog flowing through your visitors' veins. If you don't want to do a huge overhaul, consider a temporary landing page or even a simple banner and snow effect.

  4. Market the holidays - promote your products and services in paid ads (Google, social media, local papers etc.), write blog entries that showcase the answers to questions your customers might have and create some holiday-centric social media posts.

  5. Give back to your customers - everyone loves free stuff, especially around the holidays. Create a promotion for discounts or giveaways and blast it out on an ad campaign and social media to pique customers' interest.

  6. Get pumped for the new year - promote the new things to come in the new year and freshen up your website to boot. This will not only spur your existing customers' curiosity, but may catch the attention of some new ones, plus it will keep your site content from getting stale and keep your SEO rankings from falling.

Need some help? We can do that!

To speak to us about all your website maintenance needs come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or phone 604-986-7680. For more information about our web design services, visit Concept Web Design is part of the Concept Computers family. #conceptwebdesign #webdesignnorthvancouver #webdesignvancouver #webdesignburnaby #webdesignnewwest #holidaywebsitetips #2021 #holidays2021 #holiday #shopping #giftcards #blackfriday #cybermonday #smallbusinesssaturday #sales #Christmas2021

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