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Serving Your Computer Is Essential

Having your computer serviced is essential to keeping your system running smoothly, much like getting the oil changed in your car. Not many people know how often to do it though. The short answer to this question is at least once a year for major servicing or as needed if your computer is running slow. This does not include regular maintenance which should be done weekly (we're talking updates and patches, virus scans etc.).

So what should a full computer servicing entail? Here's what we do:

First we will do a physical examination of your computer's hardware, and ensure the hard drive and all other components are in good working condition. We pay particular attention to the fans and cooling mechanisms to ensure that your computer does not overheat.

Once we've ensure the mechanics are working fine, then we will look at your operating system. We'll ensure that there are no corrupt files which can be caused by virus problems, improperly installed or badly executed Windows updates or by normal drive deterioration. We will make sure that all files are in tact and running properly.

Next we will download and and install the latest updates and patches and look at your application software to ensure it is running properly, has the latest updates and is compatible with your current operating system.

We will then perform a full virus scan. This involves removing your hard drive and independently scanning it for all problems including viruses and malware.

Finally, we go through and remove any junkware and superfluous temporary files that remain on your computer.

Ready to get your computer running like new again? Come see us!

To speak to us about servicing your computer come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

For more information about us, our products and services visit our website at

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