Concept Computers offers one-on-one tutoring services both in-home and via remote support.  Services include procedural support for emailing, office, internet browsing, operating system how-to's, and more.  We also offer application-specific tutoring and mobile device support.


Business and home tutoring options available. 

Please Note:  Due to the Corvid-19 outbreak, in-home tutoring services are currently suspended.  We are happy to continue to offer our remote service tutoring sessions.  Please call 604-986-7680 to arrange.

Computer Tutoring

Tutoring FAQs

How much does tutoring cost?

In-home one-on-one tutoring costs $125/hour. We recommend at least one in-home session at a maximum of one hour. (We find that sessions that last longer than one hour can become an overwhelming amount of information) Remote support tutoring costs $95/hour.

How long is an average tutoring session?

The average tutoring session lasts about 1 hour. Some sessions will be shorter if your question is quick and instructions are simple to offer. We do try to keep tutoring into a maximum of 1 hour sessions as we find most people get fatigued with information overload after that time. Multiple sessions are usually arranged to give the client time to absorb the information learned in the previous session. Longer sessions are available upon request.