Most computers and components have a standard 1 year warranty.  If your computer or other hardware is experiencing hardware issues your warranty may cover the cost of repair. 

A unique service offered by Concept Computers is Warranty Management.  We handle the warranty process for all manufacturers on our customers' behalf, shielding them from unnecessary delays and aggravation. We even offer Service Loaners so you can resume your work. 


Bring your device in to Concept Computers at 1257 Marine Drive, North Vancouver and we take it from there.

Warranty FAQs

How long does a warranty repair take?

Length of time can vary for warranty repairs. Repair times are typically dependent on availability of parts and whether the device can be repaired in store or at the manufacture.

Can I lose my data in a warranty repair?

Yes! If you send your computer back to the manufacture, you risk the manufacture completely reinstalling your hard drive (or completely replacing your system) without backing up your data. At Concept Computers we offer a Backup Service to ensure your data is completely safe and secure prior to a warranty repair.