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Media keyboards are designed for use on TV's and in media setups (where the computer is used for streaming, photo viewing, etc). 


They often have a built-in mouse function such as a touch pad or roller ball and media/volume keys such as play/pause/stop.  Media keyboards are either wireless or Bluetooth.

What is the difference between a standard keyboard and a gaming keyboard?  True gaming keyboards have extra keys (usually above the "F" key) that you can map to do other functions in select games. 


Also, gaming keyboards often feature mechanical keys (aka Cherry MX keys) which have a faster response time to the users input.  Lastly, they have greater durability and abrasion resistance.

Wireless and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combos reduce desk clutter by eliminating wires.  For devices with limited USB ports, wireless sets allow you to have utilize a single USB key for both the keyboard and mouse.  Bluetooth sets offer another wireless connection without the need for a USB port.  

Concept Computers carries a wide variety of wireless and Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combos, and will help you to find the right fit.

Wireless/bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse combos

Gaming Keyboards

Media Keyboards

Keyboards & Mice

As technology is constantly changing, new ways of connecting our devices and electronics are always evolving.  Adapters are a great way to continue to use our older computers with newer devices.

No Ethernet port on your ultrabook?  Got a new monitor but the connection doesn't match your computer?  No problem, there is an adapter for that.

Concept Computers carries a wide variety of cables both internal and external cable varieties.  We have many hard to find cables for some of your unique needs.

Give us a call at 604-986-7680 and let us know what you are looking for.  If you don't have it in-store, we can get in from our warehouse (usually within 24 hours).

We sell all major brands.

Cables & Adapters

Concept Computers carries a wide variety of external devices such as:

  • External backup hard drives

  • USB sticks

  • SD Cards

  • External DVD players

  • Speakers

  • Casting Devices

  • Smart Home Accessories

  • Web Cams

  • Security Cameras

  • Head sets / Earphones

       and much more...

Connected Devices