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Google Wifi Mesh Network
Google Wifi Mesh Network
Linksys Velop Mesh Network
Linksys Velop Mesh Network

Best Routers and WiFi Solutions



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Best Wifi Mesh Networks of 2020
Google Nest Wifi - Mesh Network
Linksys Velop AC6600 - Mesh Network
Best Routers of 2020
Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200
TP-Link Archer C2300


WiFi Mesh Networks

Traditional WiFi routers require all wireless traffic to rely on a single point of access stationed in one corner of your home or office.  The downside is the signal strength may be very weak or non-existent at all in certain areas.  Mesh WiFi routers are networking solutions which employ multiple WiFi nodes (satellites), together behaving like a seamless network.  They direct traffic to the best available node and choose the quietest channel to transmit information.

Overall, mesh networks offer greater wireless coverage, faster speeds and greater reliability.  They help eliminate "dead zones" and allow you to expand your WiFi coverage throughout your home or office and even into your outdoor spaces.  

Check out the videos above for 2 of our favorite Mesh Network systems and a great explanation of mesh networks.