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A Fun Idea for Boosting Engagement on your Website

Looking for a fun way to boost engagement on your site? What about a website scavenger hunt?

The structure of a website makes integrating puzzles and scavenger hunts very easy and effective and it encourages users to spend more time interacting with the content on various pages. Use passwords and clue responses to unlock the next page in the hunt and lead users through product and information you want to promote. This is also a great opportunity to integrate social media by promoting a contest, providing a discount code as a prize or offering free swag if they complete the quest!

You can move users through pages by:

  • Asking them to provide a word answer to a riddle or clue

  • Prompting them to find a clickable word or element hidden in your site

  • Hiding a picture made of words or images that users must guess to move on

  • Challenging users to decode a cipher

Don't make it impossible or you will lose customers to frustration. This fun technique can be used to launch a product, release promotional material, or giveaway prizes.

Need some help? We can do that!

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