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The Countdown to Back to School Begins - Is Your Tech Ready?

It's happening, parents! The countdown to back to school begins as we enter into the last few weeks of summer vacation. No more battling for bandwidth, or trying to work from home while the offspring clamour around you. Your gamers will soon emerge from their rooms and be off to their regularly scheduled programming. And on the first day of school your children will return home with their lists of tech supplies that are now standard and a far cry from the pencil cases and 3-ring binders you used to need. Are you ready?

Whether your child is a secondary school star or a graphic designer in training at post-secondary, you are likely looking at a curriculum request of a tablet or laptop (or two). Concept offers a great selection of student-ready machines and devices that suit your budget and fulfill your humans' educational needs.

Already have some tech waiting to be dusted off from last year's educational experience? We highly recommend having each device serviced and diagnosed for performance requirements. Your devices should be checked for:

  • cleanliness and adequate cooling systems to check for dust that can overheat your machine and operational cooling systems (including thermal pastes)

  • drive space to ensure that there is enough room for your machine to run adequately and store new material without crashing the system

  • memory to ensure that all operations run smoothly

  • presence of an up-to-date and recommended anti-virus program (even for MACs)

  • junkware, malware, spyware that can both clog up your system and compromise personal information

Bring your machines down to our showroom at 1257 Marine Drive in North Van before the servicing back-up begins or give us a call at 604-986-7680 to schedule a drop-off or pick-up time.

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