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Get Ready: 2022 is one for the Games

The year 2021 was a bit of a disappointment for the gaming industry. The pandemic and flooding damaged production and supply chains that had promised to bring some epic releases this past year. That also means there has been quite some time for gaming companies to build and release an arsenal of epic PC classics, their sequels and even some surprising indie games!

The rumor mill has it that you can expect a resurgence of once-dead genres and of course a mass of live-service games. Graphics will be better and to encourage players to re-kick start the industry again, we expect many of these games to be released at shockingly affordable prices.

This means you will want to ensure your gaming machine is in tip top shape or dare we say, even upgraded! Research your games of interest and look into their machine requirements and then be sure you have a little extra because you never know what will come down the line. You'll want to make sure your machine has a good graphics card, memory, CPU and cooling system and that it is properly cleaned and running smoothly.

Concept Computers offers top-of-the-line servicing for your existing machines or better yet, custom built gaming machines that are tailored to your needs, skill-level and expectations.

To speak to us about all your gaming needs, come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

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