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Green Solutions For Your Old Computer

Eventually your computer will reach the end of its life. But what to do with your electronics scraps? Do the green thing and bring them down to us! We will salvage whichever parts we can, keeping them out of landfills. Once we have recovered what we can, we will take the rest down to an approved electronics recycling facility where the remainder of your machine will be broken down into the raw material components like glass, metals, electronics / wiring.

To speak to us about all your computer and electronics recycling needs come see us in-store at 1259 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

For more information about us, our products and services visit our website at

Now serving Burnaby - New West!

Environmentally Friendly options for old computer hardware
Concept Computers - Go green, bring us your old computers!

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