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The 7 Deadly Sins of Computer Maintenance

How sinful is your computer maintenance?

Common Computer Maintenance Mistakes
Common Computer Maintenance Mistakes

1. Inadequate virus, malware and spyware protection

  • A recent survey showed less than 20% of computers had adequate protection, with non existent AV software, poor implementation and/or maintenance of the AV software

  • Many products offer poor protection against Malware and PUPs, or protection against sophisticated ransomware attacks

  • Over-protecting (running more than one AV program) can do more hard than good, and result in a reduction in system performance and ability

2. Poorly managed system and driver updates

  • improper driver management and update management can result in severe performance and reliability problems

  • Automated updates can cause havoc with a system

  • Peripherals may not function properly due to out of date drivers

3. Outdated Operating System

  • Older versions of Windows (Win 8, 7, and earlier) are no longer supported by many software vendors, including Google

  • Rates of malware intrusion are substantially higher in older versions of windows

  • Microsoft no longer updates, or does not adequately update, older versions

4. Out-of-Date Application Software

  • Few people realize that older copies of Microsoft Office and other common application software packages have major security holes and flaws

5. Old Hardware

  • Most computers were not designed for lifespans longer that 4-5 years

  • Older computers are under-equipped to handle O/S upgrades properly, and some processors can't handle the newest upgrades at all

  • Catastrophic failure costs can be unnecessarily high, especially if data recovery is involved

6. Inadequate, or no Backup Systems

  • Less than 30% of all desktop computers have any backup mechanism in place, and less than 10% of all laptops are adequately backup up

  • Many backup systems will not backup ALL data files, programs or settings

7. No scheduled Maintenance

  • Like changing the oil in our cars, computers require regular maintenance to maximize their life expectancy and minimize catastrophic failures

  • Scheduled maintenance contracts are substantially more cost effective than break-fix, with remote servicing making it easy for everyone

  • D-I-Y is not cost effective, you get what you pay for and can result in catastrophic results

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