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How to Use Hero Images to Your Advantage

Ever heard of the term "hero image" but have no idea what it is? Let us enlighten you.

A "hero image", sometimes referred to as a "hero header" is the large, usually high-quality image at the top of a website page (the header) that gives users their first idea of what your business is all about. It can be different for your home page than other pages, but many times it remains the same.

The hero image is meant to grab the attention of your site visitors right away. It often contains a call-to-action or whatever selling point your site aims to achieve (ex. sign up for a newsletter, visit your storefront, shop now, call now etc.).

Ideally, this hero image will also contain a short blurb about who you/your business is/are and what you offer. If well-crafted, a menu bar can serve this purpose.

It's important to have a high-quality image (or even video) in there. First impressions are key in gaining your potential clients' trust. Be sure this media loads quickly though. If it takes more than 2 seconds to appear before your site user's eyes, you are likely to lose them.

One last key recommendation is to be sure that both your hero image and footer have a link to your about us page so users can easily learn more about you and your business.

Still need some help? We can do that!

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