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Is Cloud Gaming Easier on the Wallet?

At first glance, cloud gaming seems like a great alternative to purchasing a gaming computer, at least in terms of cost. But what you may not be considering are the long-term costs associated with cloud gaming that may in the end outweigh a gaming machine itself.

First of all, let's find out what cloud gaming actually is. This is typically a service which provides remote access to a gaming server (computer) on the internet. When games are played, they are actually being run on the remote server and then streamed to the player. While the player is still the one interacting with the game, they are doing so on the remote computer and seeing the results streamed back to them in real-time.

These services don't typically require the player's computer to have much in the way of high-capacity components, with the exception of a very good and dedicated internet connection. That is not to say, that players won't necessarily want many of the typical accessories such as head sets, gaming mouses and keyboards. Similarly, a good monitor is key to a good experience.

Once you have all the necessary accessories, you will also need to buy a monthly subscription and then on top of that you will more than likely still need to pay for each game. Over time, the cost savings of cloud gaming can be very minimal if anything.

If you do decide to purchase a gaming computer, they are available in very basic form to the most intricate and customizable systems out there. The expert technicians at Concept Computers can help guide you to the gaming machine that right for your level of expertise and budget.

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