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Is Your Computer Ready for Summer Vacation?

It's coming. The last day of school. The day when your bandwidth suddenly decreases three-fold and you are consistently fighting your children for computer time so you can just get some work done. Are you ready? We've got a few tips that may make your summer work like a little easier.

  1. Check the dead zones in your house: Either you need to escape to a quieter corner of the house, or your child is doing their best to get undisturbed gaming/social media/whatever-teenagers-do-these-days time. Be sure you are not disturbed by the wifi-destroying dead zones in your house. If you have some, we can help you install the best range booster or mesh network for your needs.

  2. Be sure your antivirus program is up-to-date on ALL the machines (including tablets) in your house. Data loss or massive computer crashes are no fun to deal with.

  3. Have an extensive back-up system in place: Your well-meaning child may not have meant to permanently delete your entire work folder, but at least data recovery won't be so costly with either external and/or cloud back-up systems in place.

  4. Ensure your machines are clean: with increased use and hotter weather, machines can heat-up and go the way of the dodo quickly. Be sure your cooling systems and pastes are dust-free and in good working condition. Concept offers excellent maintenance packages for just such an occasion.

  5. Check your hard drive space: with additional streaming and downloads, you want to ensure that each machine has ample space so hard-drive failure does not occur.

  6. Ensure you have enough machines for your sanity: if you need undisturbed work-time, we highly recommend having a spare machine in the house for your other family members' needs. Concept offers a wide selection of custom-built, refurbished, recertified or student-ready computers that fit any budget.

Remember, it's only two months... you can do it. Keep calm and call Concept for all your computer needs.

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