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Is Your Website Inclusive?

It's Pride Month and while we celebrate diversity in life and love, we encourage you to take this opportunity to look at your business front and web presence to ensure that it represents the inclusivity we all support. Aside from strictly decent human practice, modernizing your business presence to be inclusive could also help to grow your potential client base by making a greater number of the general population to feel safe and welcome to use your services without judgement and bias.

When you look at a website, consider the imagery, language and tone of voice that you are using. Are they gender specific? Do they reflect only hetero idealisms? Is your content accessible to those of all abilities and neurological profiles?

A good example of this has actually been presented in the gaming community as we begin to see more avatars and characters with gender and species-fluid identities.

Consider using imagery that focuses more on the product or service rather than the identity of the person engaging with it. Practice using non-binary language such as they/them/theirs and imagery that supports relationships between all members of the community regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status. Consider sensory sensitivities, technical jargon, those living with visual or auditory differences when building your media, design and textual content.

Pride month presents a great opportunity to learn and move forward in both your business and personal life with openness. Our web design and content team at Concept Computers are happy to work with you in a judgement free environment to help update your business' web presence and foster inclusivity for all.

Happy Pride Month!

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