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Laser or Inkjet

In an increasingly paperless world, printing has become less frequent but is still at times necessary. When purchasing a printer consider a few things first:

1. How often do you print? Ink cartridges tend to dry out after periods of inactivity 2. What do you print and on which materials? Inkjets are the more ideal of the two types of printers for colour printing on various materials (like photo paper for example) 3. What kind of long-term investment are you looking at? While a laser printer is more costly up-front, the cost per page is significantly less, about $0.08 per page versus $0.20 for an inkjet.

While they are cheaper, also keep in mind that in order to keep costs down inkjet printers can be cheaply made and often end up in landfills more. It's always better to think green!

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Toner and Ink
Toner and Ink

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