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The New Windows 10 Update 1903 Is Here

Get ready for the next Windows 10 Update - officially released on May 22nd the update will roll out in batches. Some key features you will notice:

1. The new Windows Light theme - a stark contrast to the Dark theme, but if you were a fan of that one you have the option of being able to mix and match.

2. Cortana is now separate from the search bar and has improved responses based on previous searches

3. Dedicated hard drive space for system files - while reserving some of your hard drive space may not seem ideal, this is a better option than multiple failed updates causing your system to run inefficiently.

4. A less-cluttered Start Menu with more options to uninstall pre-installed apps.

5. The option to pause updates - this is a tricky one. While you will have the ability to pause an update for up to 35 days (something you will have to manually do) in the event that a new update is reportedly glitchy, previous updates will also have an "end of service" date. This means that if a previous update reaches its end of service date and you haven't installed the latest one, your decision to pause will be overridden.

6. Error messages will come with more info that is not pulled from Google, but rather a dedicated info base.

Your computer will have to be fully up-to-date with all current updates and patches installed properly in order to move to the 1903 (19H1) update. Need a little help or want a little more info? We can help!

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