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What is FPS?

Last week we started talking about PC Gaming jargon. For anyone just getting into it, the terminology can be extremely daunting. We're here to help you look like a pro. Let's get started with our next term, well acronym really: FPS.

FPS stands for frame rate per second. This is essentially how many "pictures" (frames) your system can display per second, which will affect the appearance of your game and whether it runs smoothly, lags or stutters. Many games have a lot of information to display in each frame, and if your computer is not optimized for a high FPS this can really kill your gaming experience.

Your video card is responsible for displaying these frames using information that is sent from your gaming program, and the number of frames your monitor can display in a single second is what is called your FPS (frame rate per second). You are limited by how many frames per second your monitor can display, regardless of what your game runs at. An ideal monitor will run at least 60 Hz (hertz), which is the refresh rate of a monitor.

To optimize your FPS there are a few things you can do. The first, being the most obvious, but expensive is to buy a monitor with a higher refresh rate. Otherwise, try:

- use FPS boosting software, which slows down background processes freeing up more juice for your game - reduce your screen resolution slightly so there is less pixel information to display, provided it does not affect your viewing experience significantly - ditch the power-saving options on your graphics card - update your drivers, specifically for your video and graphics - tweak your game settings so they match the capabilities of your computer - overclock your CPU

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