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Be Virus Saavy

We're all aware of the global pandemic right now, but that hasn't slowed down the viruses available to your computers. Here are a few of the top recent badies you should watch out for: 1. Cyborg Ransomware (AIDS - Aids Info Disk Trojan) - this is a new variant of an old virus that uses fake Windows 10 software updates to install a ransomware. Ransomware threatens to publish the victim's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid. Protect yourself by not opening unknown attachments with a .jpeg extension.

2. CryptoMix Clop Ransomware - another doozy that will disable a weak (usually free) antivirus, encrypts files on your computer by adding a .clop extension and then demands a ransom via a red warning message with a countdown of how much time you have left to pay before destroying your files. Be sure you have a strong, well-reputed and tested anti-virus. 3. Trojan Glupteba - this virus is quite dangerous as it is difficult to detect. It enters your system through malware, acts as legitimate software and discretely collects confidential information while directing you toward other harmful domains. Be sure to enable good email and web filters to protect against this one. A trusted antivirus and regular checks are your best defense against viruses. We regularly keep up to date on the best protection software for your computer and offer a la carte or regular maintenance plans to check your system's health. To speak to us about your computer's health, come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680. For more information about us, our products and services visit our website at Now offering website design services! Visit for details. #conceptcomputers #computersnorthvancouver #computersvancouver #computersburnaby #computersnewwest #computerprotection #computerservice #computervirus #antivirus keywords: computers north vancouver, computers vancouver, computers burnaby, computers new west, computer repair, computer service, computer protection, antivirus

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