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Best Computers for School

In honour of Teacher's Week, we thought we'd feature some computer essentials for school computers that you should look for to enhance your (and your teacher's) school experience:

- Storage capacity: your storage needs will vary depending on the type of classes you are taking, but in general, aim for 1 TB; if you need more space, purchase online storage or grab an external hard drive

- Processor: if your classes demand a lot from your computer, like image rendering or video editing, then be sure your system has at least 3.5 GHz processing speed

- RAM (random access memory): aim for a minimum of 4 GB to ensure that you can run programs efficiently and concurrently

- Ports: ensure you have ample USB and HDMI (or equivalent with a conversion cable if necessary) ports for all your accessories and connections to other computers for presentations/display needs

- Webcam: with meetings and classes being conducted online so much these days, ensure that your system comes with a good quality webcam or purchase an external one

- Mouse: a touch pad will do the trick for basic tasks, but it can be very beneficial to have an external mouse for the more dexterous tasks

- Printer: if you need to print anything, be sure you have a reliable printer that suits your printing needs. more often than not, a laser printer is a better investment than an inkjet because the ink cartridges don't dry out with periods of inactivity and it ends up being much cheaper per page than with ink

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