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Can You Transfer Programs to a New Computer?

When you get a new computer, you're probably hoping all your old files, data and programs come with it. Many people are surprised to learn that programs don't transfer the same way as your files and settings.

Files and settings can be imaged and copied onto a new hard drive. But computer programs form a relationship with the registry and with files in your computer's operating system. They don't simply exist to be accessed. This means that a program must be re-installed on a new computer with your product key. There is also often a limit to the number of computers the program can be installed on, so you will likely have to deactivate the program on your old computer before it can be used on your new one.

So before you throw away that box or activation key, file it away to be kept just in case! Often, if you lose those you will have to repurchase your program - an added cost you probably don't want.

Software does exist that claims to be able to transfer programs, but they can vary on reliability and are not recommended.

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