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Computer Crashed - Now What?

You're working on a very important project and you're almost done. Now you've simply got to integrate this spreadsheet into the report aaaaaaand, your machine crashes. You frantically try to reboot only to encounter the blue screen of death. Pretty standard computer crash timing. Now what?

Chances are you're dealing with information you don't want lost or damaged. Before you hop onto your mobile device and start researching how you can fix it, we highly recommend calling a PROFESSIONAL (ie. not the nerdy kid from next door), trained computer technician like our staff at Concept Computers. What information should you have for the technician? We're glad you asked:

Let your computer repair expert know:

  • a detailed description of the problem, including what you were doing before the issue occurred, what happened when it crashed and when you tried to reboot the computer

  • whether or not this or any issue (even those you may not think are related) has occurred previously and how/if you were able to solve the problem

  • whether or not you have a back-up for your data and what format it is in (online, external drive) and how to access it (come prepared with usernames and passwords - ONLY TO BE SHARED WITH THE TECHNICIAN AND NO ONE ELSE)

  • if your machine must be brought down to the shop, bring essential usernames and passwords including the PIN or password to get into your computer and/or email or other program passwords should your computer need to be wiped and reinstalled

What next?

Typically our technician will try to replicate and properly diagnose the issue. They will then contact you with an assessment and estimated time and financial cost and a recommendation for next steps.

If your repair shop is not following this protocol, do not proceed! It is always best if you can speak to your technician and get a full break-down of the issues at hand and recommended course of action. Big box stores may have to send your machine out for repair, which means added time and money for you and potential extra costs just for diagnosis. At Concept Computers, our technicians are fully trained to complete warrantied repairs in-shop in most cases. Off-site repairs may be required for warrantied parts or physical damage to hard drives requiring lab work to perform data recovery.

Computer in need of repair? We can help! Come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

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