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Computing In Your Golden Years

Are you a senior or do you have an elderly loved one who likes to stay on top of technology? We have a lot of respect for those in their golden years who choose to keep up with computers - it's a lot to learn, especially when you haven't grown up with it. There are a lot of "common knowledge" points that those who are well versed in the world of computers take for granted.

If you or your elderly loved one(s) are eager to be computer savvy, be sure you are aware of a few things:

1. Always have a trusted antivirus (the free ones are no good) and NEVER have more than one installed on your computer!

2. Don't click links that are sent to you from people you don't know or if an email from a friend seems suspicious - email accounts can be hacked.

3. Choose strong passwords and write it down in a safe place or use a password manager. We like the acronym method (see our post): make a phrase with names and numbers that you will remember and make a nonsensical acronym from it.

4. Update your computer / programs regularly - HOT TIP: we can do this for you with our monthly service packages (you won't even have to leave your home).

5. Have your computer serviced regularly - just like you do your car!

6. Don't reply to emails from people you don't know and NEVER give out financial information. There are many email scams that pretend to be governments and phone companies - trust us, they would never ask for financial info over email (or phone).

7. Get a tutor for things you want to learn - a professional who can help you learn things right the first time is far worth the time it may take you to learn incorrectly or unlearn a bad habit. HOT TIP: we also offer on-site tutoring!

To speak to us about all your computing needs, no matter what your age, come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

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