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Cracked, Damaged or Defective?

Cracked, damaged or defective? Issues with your computer monitor can be devastating as it can severely impact or even fully inhibit your ability to use your machine.

A cracked screen will show obvious signs of damage when the computer is on or off. There will be cracks or chips in the glass and it is most often a result of a drop, blow or runover.

Sometimes, screen damage may not be visually detectable when the monitor is off, if there is no crack in the glass itself. You may experience black splotches which can indicate the screen is separating from its casing.

In both the above cases, you can usually see at least a portion of the picture you are trying to view.

With a defective screen, there may not be any physical damage to the monitor but you will either not see a picture at all, or the picture will look skewed, fuzzy, lined or not backlit properly.

While these issues are often the problem, you may also want to consider issues with your graphics card, other hardware or software.

So, what's the best way to diagnose computer monitor issues? Take it to a CERTIFIED computer repair person of course!

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