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Get Yourself Ergonomic

If you spend a lot of time at a computer you are well-aware of how long stints in front of a screen can make your body feel. Have you considered modifying your computer set-up to include ergonomic devices?

Ergonomic computer accessories are designed to reduce the strain placed on your body from the limited but repetitive movements of sitting at a computer all day. The devices help maintain optimal positioning for your body parts by placing them in positions that are neutral, supported and require the least amount of strain to produce an action.

For example, an ergonomic keyboard will keep the hand in a neutral position to reduce wrist strain while typing, have light-touch keys that don't require much force to depress a key, has keys located in positions that require minimal wrist rotation and keeps arms parallel to the body while typing, and positions key pads in such a way that your mouse can be used without having to reach out to the side.

These devices can help prevent common afflictions such as carpal tunnel, mouse arm syndrome and repetitive strain injury. There are ergonomic solutions for keyboards, mice, laptop holders, desks, chairs, floors mats... you name it!

Interested in getting an ergonomic set-up for yourself or your business? We can help!

To speak to us about any computer accessory come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

For more information about us, our products and services visit our website at

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