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Hot Tips for Windows 11

Windows 11 has started its rollout, so we thought we'd relay some tips and tricks for the new OS.

  1. The taskbar icons (including the start button) are now centered on your screen. Don't like it? No problem, you can right-click on the taskbar to open its settings. Click on "taskbar behaviours" and change the alignment back to left.

  2. The right-click menu has been simplified, which means that many of the options you are used to seeing will now be hidden under "show more options". Once you click this menu item, you will see the remainder of the traditional menu options.

  3. Quick settings are now more accessible. In Windows 10, the quick settings were housed in the action centre (that little speech bubble in the bottom right corner of your task bar). These can now be customized and added to the area of the task bar that is just left of the date and time (typically the area with your wifi and battery icon). In Windows 11, click on this area and select the pencil-shaped icon to add or unpin quick settings from this area.

  4. The task view button is now a hover-over icon on the task bar. In Windows 10, this button is (if enabled) directly adjacent to the start button or cortana search bar (it looks like an outline of a rectangle with a scroll bar beside it). This button is now an icon in your task bar that can be hovered over to see and arrange the various desktops your have open.

  5. Widget on my friend. In Windows 10, there are a few widgets accessible in the start menu, to the right of the programs list. Now, there is a fully customizable widget button on the task bar that can be used to check the weather, stream a news feed, manage your to do list, view your calendar etc.

  6. Snapping is now enhanced. In previous versions of Windows you could drag a window to the far side of the screen and it would snap into 1/2 of the screen without you having to resize it. In Windows 11, you can still do this, but by hovering over the maximize button, you have the option of multiple layouts for multi-tasking up to four windows.

  7. MS Teams is now built into the task bar and you can launch video and chats from there.

  8. File explorer is now simplified. The ribbon at the top of the menu will now include, "new, cut, copy, share, sort and view options" with of course an expanded menu available when you click the "..." button.

  9. Customize your start menu. The start menu has also been "streamlined", which means you no longer see options like "settings" and "file explorer", however you can add whatever you like by going into settings (find it using the search function), then personalization > start > folders.

  10. Learn multiple-fingered touch gestures. Previously, swiping in from the left opened task switching mode. Now it will open the widgets panel. Task view can now be opened by swiping up on the screen (anywhere) with four fingers. To minimize an app you must now swipe down with three fingers (this will no longer close the app). Swipe up with three fingers to open all running windows.

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