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How to Login if you Forgot Your Computer Password

Have you ever turned on your computer, gone to login and realized... you can't remember your password? What about your PIN? Nope, can't remember that one either.

No problem, there is a procedure for this, but the caveat is you have to have access to another device that can either receive text messages or you can check your email from.

If you find yourself in this precarious position, click the "I forgot my password" link below where you would normally input your password. You'll probably be asked to complete the CAPTCHA test before proceeding.

After that, select the recovery email address or phone number you want your recovery code sent to. THIS WILL HAVE BEEN SET UP PREVIOUSLY! Click send code.

On your alternate device, log into your Microsoft account using the code you were sent and enter a new password. This will now be your password on your original device.

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