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How to Take a Screenshot on Your Desktop

When phoning, chatting or emailing in for help, the advising technician may ask you to take a screenshot on your desktop so they can get a visual confirmation of what your are seeing. Many people know how to execute this on their phones but have difficulty navigating how to do so on their computer. Thankfully, the process is usually as simple as a few keystrokes.

On most PC keyboards, you will see a Prt Sc or PrtScn button on the top row of keys. On a Windows machine a screenshot is usually executed by pressing Ctrl + Prt Sc. On some machines this may also be accomplished by pressing the Fn + Prt Sc buttons. This takes a screenshot and places a copy of it on your clipboard.

Next, you'll want to paste the screenshot in a document and save as a picture to attach in a chat, or directly into an email program. To paste, simply press Ctrl + V and to save the picture for subsequent retrieval and attachment, right-click on the pasted image and click "save as image" into the location of your choosing.

It's a good idea to practice doing this BEFORE you need to do it for tech support!

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