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Is Your Website Doing its Job?

You recently built a new website for your business. You made sure you followed all the SEO advice, but you're still not sure if your website is working for you. Search rankings are a good indication, but they take time. So, how do you know if your site is improving in standing? How do you know if those little improvements you made are converting to sales and where you could use improvement? Analytics.

Analytics are a great tool that allow you to track the number of visitors to your site, where they are going, how much time they are spending on your site and what time of day they visit. You can see user demographics, how these users find your site (do they know the address? is it a Google search result? a referral/link from another website or social media?) and even set conversion goals (for example, a certain percentage of page visitors that translate into sales or emails).

To set up analytics you will need to insert tracking codes on your site, set up your goals and test that they are working. It can take some time to properly set it up, but it is definitely worth it if you want to track the efficacy of your site.

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