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Shared vs. Dedicated Servers for your Website

Creating a beautiful, user-friendly website is only one part of a successful online presence. Who you choose to host your site can make a world of difference in terms of user experience. A host essentially stores your website's information on a server so it can be viewed by users once you connect your domain name to that host.

Host costs can vary significantly depending on the type of server they use. But quite often, you get what you pay for.

A shared server is typically the cheapest, but it comes with some strings. This means you are sharing a server with other customers, so its resources and performance abilities are also shared. This can come with an added risk of hacking, because if one site on your server is hacked others may be vulnerable.

A dedicated server is typically the most expensive and means that one server is designated for your site. You are not sharing any resources with other customers, and the risk of hacking is specific to your site. If you have a high-performance site, then this is likely the route you want to go. But, if you are just starting out as a small business and your site demands are simple then this may be overkill.

Alternatively, a virtual private server is a good compromise. This is a shared server that is partitioned out to act as multiple machines (servers). Your risk for hacking is similar to a dedicated server, and while you are still sharing resources, the performance effects are less than that of a shared server.

Be sure the hosting service provides good support and provides user-friendly access to the server. You will also want to make sure that the server is backed up on a daily basis in case of catastrophe!

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