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Keep Your Login Info Secure

We often get computers in for repair or data recovery, which can require passwords to restore access to customer email and other programs. It is not uncommon to hear, "I don't need a password to get into my [insert app/program here]." To which must inevitably explain that all users of the given app or program need a username and password and that thanks to password managers and app preferences, you are often able to stay logged in and rarely, if ever enter your login credentials.

Here-in lies the problem. While re-setting your passwords or finding your user information can be a pain and rather inconvenient, it is also necessary if you want to be able to use your program again. Additionally, it is important to keep your profile information up-to-date, including recovery email and phone number as most applications now require two-factor authentication for password resets and occasionally set time limits on passwords. If this is the case and you have your account set to stay logged in, you risk getting locked out of your account for good.

Best practice is to keep a back-up record of your passwords (especially your master password if you use a password manager) and update your account information regularly. This includes passwords and PIN numbers for your computer, even if you don't use them on your start-up screen (they may be required to perform other tasks on your computer)!

To speak to us about all your computer security questions, come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

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