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Laptop or Tablet?

Choosing between a laptop and tablet can be confusing.

The biggest consideration should really be what you plan on using it for. If you want to strictly play around on the internet, check email, watch streamed or downloaded media, listen to music or store photos then a tablet is probably for you. If you plan on using it for more complicated projects, like extensive document writing or editing, editing media, storing large amounts of data, or really anything that requires a lot of typing or mouse work, then go the laptop route.

Usage aside, there are a few other things you should keep in mind. In terms of portability, tablets win hands-down. They are about 1/2 the weight of most laptops and can fit in much smaller carrying cases. Same goes with battery life. Tablets tend to have a much longer battery life than most mid-range laptops.

Laptops however, come out on top in the functionality race. Tablets do not generally run full versions of their operating system and doing anything other than very simple tasks can become frustrating in tablet mode.

If you need to connect multiple accessories, go with a laptop. Due to sheer size restrictions alone, tablets have a limited number of ports that come built into the system. That is not to say you won't run into this problem with laptops. As laptops become thinner and lighter, traditional number and types of ports are generally forgone for the sake of style.

However, if you are talking about connecting to the web, then tablets come out ahead. Many tablets come with a 4G option which you can buy plans for, allowing you to use networks where wifi is not available.

Consider a tablet if you want to use the device for taking pictures. Cameras in tablets are generally much better than those in laptops, since laptops are generally used for things like Skype and video messaging. That said, if you tend to take a lot of pictures, space may become an issue. You tend to have far more storage room / options with a laptop over a tablet.

With all that in mind there are a number of hybrids out there that try to take the best of both worlds. There are tablets that run full versions of their operating systems and have detachable keyboards or keyboards that fold behind the screen, however they tend to be more bulky and the keyboards less than ideal for extensive typing.

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