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Manage Your Passwords

Are you terrible at remembering passwords? Constantly resetting them? Do you have a book of passwords written down somewhere but you can never seem to find it? Do you dread the day you get those "time to update your password" notifications?

You may want to consider a password manager. Password managers are apps that are used to generate, pseudo-randomize and store passwords for you so you don't have to be troubled with coming up with new, secure passwords for every program you need to log into. Some will even store credit card information for you, making online purchases much easier.

In the event that you are required to answer password recovery questions, password managers will store the answers to your recovery questions.

Password managers can be used on multiple devices, allowing you to update passwords on your computer without worrying that they won't be updated on your mobile device, smart tv etc. The only pain is having to install the password manager on each device (some may not work as well / at all on all browsers and operating systems, but generally they are pretty good). If you want, you have the ability to share master passwords with other people, and customize which logins they have access to.

The only drawback is that you MUST remember your master password. If you lose this, you lose access to all your passwords. For this reason, we recommend the use of a secondary backup password manager.

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