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Protecting Your Documents

Say you've worked hard on a report, or you are sharing sensitive material. Chances are you don't want just anyone altering it, or the wrong people reading it. Do you know how to create read-only files? What about password-protected files?

Creating a read-only document is a simple way to make sure no one can edit your document. To save a document as read-only you can do one of two things once you have created your document:

1. Click File --> The Info menu is highlighted by default; in this menu single-click the Protect Document button and select "Always open read-only" if you want your readers to opt-in to editing or "restrict editing" to specify how readers can edit your document

2. Click File --> Save As --> select .PDF as your file extension. This will make your document uneditable by anyone. Save a copy of the .doc document if you would like to make changes in the future.

If you want only a select audience to have access to this file then:

1. Click File --> In the Info menu single-click the Protect Document button and select "Encrypt with Password", then enter your password.

A word of caution: if you forget this password your document will not be recoverable so make sure it is something you will remember or write it down!

You can do either read-only or password protect or both! The choice is yours.

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