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Repair or Replace?

Repair or Replace? For many people, this is a question of financials. Replace once the cost of repairs reach that of a new computer. For most the threshold is around $500 as this is where most base models of computers start. But have you considered all the factors?

Safe data transfer is essential. You must be sure you are not transferring over any viruses or malware and that you are able to recover all your important files. Keep in mind that depending on how much you have, data transfer can be costly.

Do you have all of your program activation codes? Programs cannot be transferred the way that data can. In some cases repurchasing programs may be necessary in a new computer.

Lower budget model computers may not come with all the components of your old computer, so consider the cost of matching the components from your old rig to the new one.

Not sure where you and your computer stand? Come and ask us! We are computer repair specialists!

To speak to us about all your computer repair needs come see us in-store at 1259 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

For more information about us, our products and services visit our website at

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