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Serif vs. Sans Serif Fonts

Serif and sans-serif fonts. What exactly are they? Briefly, a serif font has the small decorative tails or feet at the ends of their lines, whereas sans serif fonts do not (hence the "sans"). Sans serif fonts are simple and clean and usually a uniform width along each line.

Some common serif fonts include Times New Roman and Georgia and sans fonts include Calibri and Arial.

Sans serif fonts used to be favoured for on-screen text, especially smaller screens and those with low-definition. The theory was that the clear definition between letters would make them easier to read on devices. Alas, screens are now often larger (even mobile devices) with much better resolution so the switch is being made back to serif for its elegance and style.

Web designers are looking toward serif fonts to convey a sense of trust and reliability because the aesthetics imply that the company is established and reliable. You can expect to still find sans serif fonts for more corporate designs like law firms and insurance companies.

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