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Summerize Your Website

Summer is officially here and the kiddos are in their last last week of school. Your website visitors are in the summer mode and it's a good idea to modify your online presence so it reflects the excitement in the air.

Apart from the visual and other front-facing changes you can make to your site, SEO should also be updated to coincide with these changes. To start:

  • Identify the 5-10 most important pages on your website - have a look at your analytics to see which pages are the most visited and which ones you want to draw your site visitors to

  • Which pages rank in the first 5-20 Google search result

For those pages, have a look at the top 5-20 ranking keywords. For those you have already successfully implemented into your website and are ranking well, keep those ones going strong. Prepare a list of summer-related inquiries that you expect for your website. For example, "summer sales [your service here]". Some keyword research can be particularly helpful here, especially for seasonal changes.

  • Include your primary summer keyword in the meta description and title of each of your top-ranking pages

  • Include your primary summer keyword in your H1 tags, first paragraphs and throughout your content as organically as possible

  • Add other secondary seasonal keywords to your content

  • Use descriptive alt tags (also known as alt text) for images and image files that you have changed to seasonal images, but make them relevant to your keywords

Making these changes can help keep your content fresh for both SEO and visitors, which will improve your rankings and visibility.

Need some help? We can do that!

To speak to us about all your seasonal website updates, come see us in-store at 1257 Marine Drive in North Vancouver or give us a call at 604-986-7680.

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