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The Risks of Using Old Programs

We hear it all the time, "it's just what I'm used to". But using outdated, old operating systems, browsers, programs etc. can come with some serious security risks.

Take Internet Explorer for example. IE used to be the go-to for perusing the world wide web but the majority of users ditched it long ago for newer browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Heck, even Microsoft ditched it in favour of Edge. Earlier in the year, Microsoft's security chief put out a blog post warning users that Internet Explorer should no longer be used as a web browser, only for internal sites that don't appear to work in other browsers.

Why not? Once a program becomes outdated and new ones released, developers stop writing and testing security protocols or compatibility functions for the vintage versions. It's a waste of their time. In fact, many programs, software and operating systems have a life span for which companies will willingly support them and continuing to use these programs is done so at the users own risk.

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