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The Windows 10 Clipboard History Trick

Ever work on a project that required copying and pasting different items multiple times? Multi-tasking with different items you would like to copy and paste? Did you know that on Windows 10 you can access your clipboard history and select which item you would like to paste instead of just being stuck with the most recent item? Let's go through how to do this!

First, you'll need to enable this feature. You can do this is two ways. One is from the start menu, select the settings icon (the gear) --> click on system --> scroll down to clipboard --> Toggle the "Clipboard History" button to on. The second is using our favourite, the keyboard shortcut. Press the Windows key (that's the one in the lower left area of your keyboard that looks like a four-pane window) and "v" at the same time. If you see a pop-up that says "can't show history" then click the "turn on" button. If the history window pops up with a bunch of items in your history, then it has already been enabled.

Incidentally, this is how you will access your clipboard history: Windows button + v. There are also options to pin an item you frequently use and clear the clipboard from any unnecessary clutter.

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