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Troubleshooting Online Gaming Lag

You're gaming online and you're 100% sure you just took out your opponent - but wait, he just blasted through your line of fire and that arrow just sailed right into the trees behind him. You may be suffering from online lag. What to do?

1. Have a look at any processes that may be bogging down your bandwidth - are you downloading / uploading anything? Streaming any other content? If so, stop now and resume post-game.

2. If you're on wifi, consider hard-wiring your connection if it is an option.

3. Check the quality of your internet connection by pinging your computer. If you're coming in with a rate of 100 ms or higher, you are likely to experience lag. Ensure you're working on the geographically closest servers to you.

4. Check that your router is not overheating - this can cause connectivity issues. Routers, like most electronics, should be well ventilated.

5. Consider lowering your client rate. This is the number of game packets sent from the game server to your machine. A rate that is too high for your computer will cause lag.

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